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Bizarreness effect in marketing: How to use it effectively

Stand out from the homogeneity consumers are confronted with every day by creating something new, unique and remarkable. Using bizarreness effect in…

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Behavioural Approach in Marketing

People don’t buy your brand because you don’t fully understand their behaviour. Change that now.Behavioural marketing gives us an explanation as to…

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How brand heuristics create a memorable brand

I don’t know about you but most of the time I make decisions about which brand to purchase I am completely unaware of the decision I am making. So…

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The Social Comparison Bias

We’ve all flicked through social media and had a look at how everyone from school is doing.  It’s human nature to then compare yourself to everyone…

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How contactless hides the pain of paying

Paying hurts, because it is a loss - it is someone taking something from us. This is a recognised facet of our behaviour and has been proven to be…

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How-to use the Status Quo bias in marketing

When it comes to making decisions we often unconsciously consider things that are comfortable and familiar.  Things like our beliefs, previous…

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How retailers are becoming media moguls

Recent years have seen a rise in retailers acting as media and vice versa as both leverage expertise and loyal fans.Retailers thinking and acting…

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Applying Behavioural Economics in Marketing

Our latest report, Applying Behavioural Economics in Marketing, shares seven cognitive biases that you can use to take your marketing to the next…

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