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Anchoring in marketing: How to use it effectively

Subconsciously the decisions we make are often steered by what are known as anchors. This is a piece of information that we are intentionally or…

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The best brand Game of Thrones collaborations

Over the past 8 years as Game Of Thrones has grown in popularity to become the most viewed show on television, references and links to the show have…

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Creativepool Annual 2019 Awards: A Creative Judge’s Insight

Our Creative Director, Dorina, tells us about the experience of being appointed to the judging panel for the Creativepool Annual 2019 Awards.It’s one…

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Hyperbolic discounting

How-to use hyperbolic discounting in marketing

Hyperbolic discounting is one of the cornerstones of behavioural economics, and centres around the premise that we show a preference for rewards that…

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How to use herd behaviour in marketing

Using herd behaviour in marketing is about leveraging our in-built desire to mimic the behaviour of others.We like to think of ourselves as…

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Carlsberg campaign – Beer is not created equal

Creativity is one of the biggest behavioural shortcuts (or heuristics) a brand can invest in when trying to drive more customers. A truly creative…

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Gold Accreditation

Awarded IPA CPD Gold Accreditation

We’re extremely proud to have been awarded the CPD’s top accreditation for outstanding professional development – Gold!Coming from our industry’s…

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Authority in marketing: How to use it effectively

Dentists in toothpaste adverts. Chefs endorsing cooking apparatus. Personal trainers sporting premium spandex. We’ve all seen and likely fallen…

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