We look at the comparative fortunes of Apple and Tesco, as one giant brand moves from strength to strength and another appears to falter.

Apple are creating a buzz

With Apple’s iPhone 6 reaching 70 million sales over Christmas, Apple is pleased to announce this week that they have achieved the highest quarterly profit ever produced by a public company.

Following this, Apple’s newest product, the Apple Watch, has confirmed its production is on schedule and would begin shipping in April. There’s currently a discussion of whether this particular piece of technology will become mass market success like the iPhone, or remain within the ‘geek population’.

Results from the last quarter are beginning to show the efforts retail brands have put into consumer research and innovation to keep retailers front-of-mind. Apple is a clear example of creating desire with the release of the iPhone 6, and possibly soon to be this Easter with the release of the Apple Watch.

Tesco focus on a new direction

Some retail brands seem to be feeling the headache. Tesco announced this week 43 UK stores are to close as part of their plan to cut costs, in order to help protect its future here in the UK.

Tesco reassure they’re making full efforts to relocate the affected staff to keep job losses at a minimum, whilst continuing to serve customers through their online service and the remaining local stores. Tesco’s new Chief Executive, David Lewis, informs this is a positive move and part of his plan to ‘shake-up’ the supermarket chain, which he assures will be fully implemented by April.

We’ll watch with interest over the coming months to see what Tesco aim to carry out, in order to remain competitive and boost sales. If you would like to see our monthly retail infographic showing more winners and losers, then take a look here.


Angie Dac

Account Executive