Solve big problems and test new ideas in just four days

Behavioural Design Sprint

What is a Behavioural Design Sprint?

Behavioural Design Sprint = Design Sprint + behavioural science

Based on the proven Design Sprint system created by Jake Knapp and his associates at Google Ventures, a Behavioural Design Sprint follows this proven approach that has enabled businesses like Uber, Slack and Lufthansa to create and test solutions like apps and homepage redesigns in just 4 days.

The same approach can also answer the marketing challenges faced by businesses, developing new products and services, improved experiences and ‘prototype’ communications assets such as email newsletters, print adverts and even TVC concepts. These can quickly be tested with a small audience for approval before putting the time and money behind developing final materials.

During a sprint you’ll work alongside behaviourally-led strategists, designers and writers who will who help uncover and understand the actions of your customers and then develop smarter, more effective solutions supercharged through the power of applied behavioural economics.

Top 10 reasons to use Behavioural Design Sprints

  1. Affect customer behaviour change
  2. Develop and test service solutions
  3. Create & test new retail experiences
  4. Create new habits with existing customers
  5. Solve NPD problems
  6. Testing a direct to consumer offer
  7. Improve performance of digital touchpoints
  8. Develop app and website concepts
  9. Leverage disruptive technologies in your business
  10. Enhance customer experience

The benefits to you


Experience a dramatically compressed time frame


Bring people and teams closer together through a shared goal


Innovative and effective solutions created from having the right people in the room at the same time


Quickly test hypotheses and develop assets with proven feedback


Based on a tried and tested format developed by Google and trusted by companies like Nike, Uber and Red Bull

How our Behavioural Design Sprint works

Turning a challenge or opportunity into a solution in 4 days requires diligent focus and a regimented system. We use the tried and tested Google Sprint methodology to ensure we obtain the right inputs and outputs at every step. We augment this proven process with our own behavioural expertise and tools such as TM.BE, our proprietary model that identifies the current behaviours taking place in your sector. This allows us to clearly establish the change we need to create and the barriers that might stand in the way.

Here is an overview of how the 4 days play out.

The next steps

Once we have completed the Behavioural Design Sprint we will provide you with:

Clear answers to your critical questions

Behavioural insights and strategies included in our full write up

A tested prototype solution for your problem with any clear actions for future iterations

Asset handover (for in-house and existing agencies)

Additionally, if you want us to progress the recommendations you can continue to work with our behavioural experts, either through our iteration workshop or working in a partnership over the longer term.

Why choose The Behaviours Agency for your Sprints?

  1. We’re experienced facilitators with behavioural science, business and marketing expertise
  2. We’ve been running workshops for over 15 years for the likes of Nike, DWFF, Sharps, Silentnight, Aggregate Industries. Now using Google’s proven Design Sprint methodology
  3. Our in-house behavioural-led designers are experienced in developing and optimising solutions through application of behavioural science
  4. Our team are experienced, agnostic researchers that test prototypes and design solutions to ensure creation of fit for purpose solutions
  5. We have developed behavioural models that identify the challenges and solutions that will affect consumer change for good

Some of the biases and heuristics we will be leveraging

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