With the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the iWatch, there has definitely been a sense of excitement surrounding Apple recently. They’re at the top of the list of the world’s most valuable brands and if you’re without an iPhone you’re considered crazy, but why is Apple the brand that everybody wants?

You only have to be the proud owner of an iPhone for a few days to realise they’re not as perfect as they initially seem. We complain about the battery life, the memory and we’re wary of the software updates, but we still refuse to go for an alternative and we’re all racing for the chance to get the latest model.

Apple successfully built up our expectations with their new launch, the promise of bigger screens and thinner bodies had us all queuing up to get our hands on an iPhone 6 but just days in the complaints were already appearing and today reports have surfaced that they’ve aborted the roll out of their iOS8 software. Any other brand would be in a state of despair, scrambling to rebuild their image yet it’s almost certain that it’ll barely dent Apple’s armour.

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The power of their brand is undeniable, Apple manage to come out on top every time and despite a growing history of criticism their customer base continues to grow.

As they’re repeatedly voted top of any brand related poll, Apple have a number of factors working in their favour:

  • Style – it may be denied by many, but we’re all guilty of falling victim to putting style over substance. If there’s a brand that’s considered ‘on trend’ in the world of technology, it’s Apple. This week they were voted number one on the CoolBrands list and, despite receiving a burst of negative press recently, they beat the likes of Twitter, Nike and Google to get that title. They’ve become more than just mobile phones and laptops, they’re an accessory.
  • Premium products – Apple have prestige. Phones, tablets, laptops…if it’s not Apple it’s not considered the best. Thanks to the sleek design and effective logo their products are instantly recognisable. Not only are Apple top of the market with just one of their products, they are the most sought after in everything they do. An iPad is considered top of the range of tablets, in the same way that Macs have a reputation that exceeds your standard laptop. Their brand has a strong sense of luxury and that’s what consumers want.
  • They’re problem solvers – they might not get it right every time and they perhaps should have carried out the ‘sit test’ with the iPhone 6 but you can’t fault them for their ability to come up with a solution. They resolve problems before they become big enough to damage the brand and their customers feel the benefits of this. When complaints arose surrounding the batteries of iPhone 5 they offered eligible customers the chance to apply for a replacement, similarly they’ve immediately released a statement regarding the iOS8 issues so ensure customers they’re working around the clock to resolve it.
  • Ease of use – from iTunes to app store, having a suite of products that can sync makes life easy. Apple customers can access their accounts from every platform which means however many of their products you have, you can always access your files. Whether you want to share your holiday photos, or listen to the latest album you’ve downloaded – you can flip from iPad to iPhone at the press of a button.


Whether you’re an Apple advocate, or firmly of the opinion that their bending iPhone 6 is a mistake too far, it cannot be denied that their brand has presence. As long as they’re developing and releasing new products they’ll have an incredible amount of influence on the world of technology and the now iconic white apple epitomises the symbol of an incredibly successful brand.
Sarah Pyatt

Account Executive

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