Brand personality can be successfully communicated in store through effective shopper marketing.

Having recently been on an engaging retail inspiration tour with one of our clients it was great to see a number of leading brands really amplifying their brand messages in a bold and exciting way. The fact that we visited ‘flagship’ stores could have something to do with this, but there was a definite tilt toward leading with the rallying cry of brand messaging over promotional communications.

Personality In store

A brand can communicate this in numerous ways. From the way the store is laid out, the design, music, through to the way the staff greet you when you walk in. It’s imperative that when you go into a store the experience is reflective and consistent with other above the line communications. This doesn’t solely come from shopper marketing. However, brands that are successfully utilizing this platform are doing it in innovative and interesting ways

Big Brands

It was great to see Nike, Wholefoods and Timberland to name a few championing their brand values and personality throughout their stores. From the moment you walk into Nike you’re met with brand messages heroed across the large – scale walls to impressive effect. Phrases such as ‘designed for sport crafted for life’ in areas such as staircases and walkways provide ambient touch points that are being utilized to reinforce a brand message. The result means as you walk through you subconsciously absorb these mantras. Wholefoods was another great example of this. They had strategically placed their values above each of the key areas of the store where dwell time is high. Again, by the time you’d walked the store you had a really good feel of the brand, it’s personality and values.


 Retail Theatre

Brand personality becomes really interesting when retailers can successfully team it with retail theatre. For example Timberland successfully dramatized their personality through innovative display and artisan approach to their messaging. This helps to make the messages palatable, delivered in such a way that it feels informal and engaging.



At The Behaviours Agency we champion thinking about a brands personality at every touch point, with the store being one of the most fertile areas to amplify this. Using our unique SHOP tool we look at the key messages that a brand is trying to communicate, considering and exploring unique and innovative ways to bring them to life, ensuring we deliver the brand strategy, as well as results.

We also now offer Retail Inspired Innovation tours and workshops for retailers and brands. See for more details.


Helen Priestley

Account Manager