This is not a rhetorical question.  What would your answer be to the above question?  Whether you are working in an agency or in-house, the advertising and marketing industries are seemingly busier than ever.  When you’re very busy, seeing the wood for the trees becomes more difficult.

Single-minded Advertising

Here at The Behaviours Agency, we have a consistently single minded approach to the development of advertising, whether that’s for a product, a retailer, or a service provider.  This single-mindedness is a check point and the answer to the question in this blog’s headline.  The only point of advertising is to do one thing: To influence people to act.  That is, to do something that they would not otherwise have done.

How does anyone influence anyone?  Usually by communicating with them in a way that sparks their interest, or fires their imagination – by engaging with them.  Truly engaging people requires you to engender emotion in them in some way; as the late Maya Angelou once pointed out, “People may forget what you say, but they never forget how you made them feel.”

All great ads have a single idea or message, which is the best way to ensure your advertising is memorable.  To be truly influential is also to be relevant, which means you must know and understand who you are trying to influence with your advertising.  This isn’t about cod-psychology; it’s simply about communicating with people so that they actually want to listen you, and what you have to say.

Advertising Effectiveness

Well, obviously, you may think.  But it is very easy to say this, and often a different thing altogether to put it into practice.  Single-mindedness requires a kind of bravery.  When you could say a lot about your product or offer, the instinct is to try and say as many “exciting” things as possible, to ramp up the messaging, instead of keeping it simple and compelling. The result can be a mish-mash of busy design elements and multiple offers fighting for space, within which any brand positioning, dialogue or true engagement is lost in the mud.

If our communication is not clear, engaging and ultimately compelling, we do not stand a hope in hell of influencing anyone, let alone our target audience.  A forgettable campaign is not worth much, and if advertising doesn’t encourage people to check out your product/company/service then it isn’t being used effectively.  Effective advertising, by definition, will influence your customers and potential customers to actively respond to your message.

To discuss your advertising needs, speak to us – we’ll be happy to show you how effective our work is.