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Senior Creative Artworker

Tom Richards has been at The Behaviours Agency since December 2019. A keen cricketer he juggles his spare time between having family time with his wife and 2 year old daughter Sophie and playing cricket.


I’d have to say IKEA. It feels like a fairly obvious choice but they always know the difference between their above the line campaigns and local offer ads for instance and adjust their weighting and messaging accordingly. Again, it’s an obvious thing to do but brands tend to overcomplicate and IKEA are always simple, relatable and effective – just like their products. Their TV ads are often the best on TV – the tone of voice is spot-on too.


I really don’t want to say this but it’s going to have to be Amazon. The way they’ve gone from just specialising in second hand books to the absolute powerhouse they are today is incredible. And all with an utterly horrendous website which people have grown up with and therefore know how to use. When Prime was introduced it made them even more essential; having what you’ve purchased on your doorstep the next day without having to think about it. I’ve always thought they don’t get enough credit for their logo, it’s subtly clever.


Good old fashioned Salience. If something doesn’t stand out from the crowd you’ll barely notice it for any other behavioural theory to take effect. Some brands do take it too far but you can’t help but notice these ads and they stick in your head for that reason.


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