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Account Executive

Mary worked in account handling roles in the FMCG industry before joining The Behaviours Agency in 2019, gaining experience working with clients such as Mondelez, Coca-Cola, Nestle, PepsiCo, and Mars.

“Patagonia is one of my favourite brands, their corporate philosophy is all about going green and I love seeing a brand with a sustainable mission! They are continuously assessing the environmental impact of their clothing and work to reduce the carbon footprint throughout their whole supply chain; they have also built repair centres around the world to encourage people to repair and increase the life of their clothing. But it’s not just about the clothes! They are an activist company and further to their own environmental campaigns and employee activism, they have been supporting grassroots activists finding solutions to the environmental crisis for decades.”

“I’d have to say John Lewis, they have a strong association with customers and they achieve a strong, unified message throughout the stores. Its high standards of service across stores and online, together with its commitment to price matching, quality, and responsibly sourced products clearly resonates with shoppers. It’s an enjoyable environment to shop in too!”

The Framing effect. This cognitive bias is where the same facts are presented in different ways, either as a gain or a loss, a positive or a negative. Would you feel more reassured buying something that champions being 90% effective or 10% ineffective!? It interests me the most as it uses the same foundation of information but in changing the framing of the wording, setting, or situation, it has a powerful effect on decision makers.”


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