Say hello to Keyleigh

Account Executive

Keyleigh joins the team having completed her degree in Marketing Management. Alongside her degree she did a placement specialising in marketing and communications and has a passion for working out what makes people tick. She joins the team with great enthusiasm to help support the team, develop client relationships and work on campaign creation. 

“Innocent Drinks have got me hooked. I liked their products from a young age, but now I really appreciate them as a brand. They actually stick to their tagline ‘Tastes Good. Does Good’ by donating 10% of their profits to charity and working to make changes that help the environment. Plus I think they’re one of the best when it comes to developing their brand personality. They’ve developed a witty, relatable tone of voice that makes them stand out from the crowd. By using humour they’ve created viral content that has increased their likability, engagement and relationship with their customers.”

“It has to be Lush. Ok so the staff may be a bit much at times, but you must admit they’ve made shopping for bathroom essentials a lot more enjoyable. Their stores are a whole experience. The bright colours and fantastic smells, the interactive elements of picking and packing your own products and the staff’s extensive knowledge on hand caters to your every need. For me they’ve nailed the in-store experience.”

“Social Proof – it’s become a key element in my decision making process. Whenever I’m looking to buy something new or visit a new place, I always like to see what others like me have said first. I don’t trust claims by brands who say ‘9 out of 10 people loved our product’. Instead I often find myself being influenced by others who are similar to me who are not being paid to say they like it, because why would they lie when they have no reason to?”


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