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Kate has several years experience in managing busy offices, from BetFred to Learning Curve. For The Behaviours Agency, Kate wears several administrative hats including business management, finance, HR and marketing.

“I would probably have to say Lego!  I have two young boys and my house is literally wall to wall with the stuff!  Its a go to for birthdays because there is always something new and current, it never gets outdated!  Lego are all about longevity, they have survived and beaten a fall in profit by reinventing themselves, diversifying their offering to market and being more inclusive.  They are a brand which is incredibly engaging with its audience, capturing the interest of both adults and children, this attention to their market has literally paid dividends!”

“Probably Next, I can get everything I need for my family from one place, in-store or online, the products are good quality and good value, whats not to love?  The website is easy to navigate, ordering and delivery a piece of cake and if I don’t like what I’ve ordered its easy to return.  Next is a staple in our household, particularly now as they continue to add new brands under their umbrella.”

Von Restorff Effect – if it’s out of the ordinary its more memorable, well for me it is anyway!  The Cadbury drumming gorilla, Tango man, taste the rainbow, The Judderman….yep the more bizarre the better!”


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