Say hello to Charlotte Green

Account Director

Charlotte Green spent the last 10 years working for an integrated creative and digital agency, working on some of the North West most loved brand such as Chester Zoo. Having studied Psychology at University, her passion has always been thinking about marketing has the power to influence audiences effectively. As a true shopaholic she can’t wait to get stuck into working with our retail clients, but her bank balance better be ready!

“The most recent brand I have fallen in love with is Lick. Maybe it’s because I am constantly thinking about redecorating my house, but they have come into the market and completely revolutionized the way we think about buying paint. They have made it exciting, playful, yet still have a premium edge.”

“I’d have to say Everything they do feels consistent and considered as part of the brand journey, from how they talk in their communications to your customer experience. It feels effortless, comfortable and like a safe pair of hands. It’s one of those brands that I just keep wanting to go back to and see what’s new and what might make me smile.”

“Goal Dilution” – this is the idea that the more singular something is in its purpose, the more effective we believe it is. Take Sonos for example, unlike its competitors, they docus solely on speakers and soundbars to produce a family of products that are loved because they are trusted to be the best. I think often brands can overwhelm the audience with lots of messages because they don’t have a clear mission driving the business forwards.


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